Things to think about.....


Summer of 2002 (40kW)

An adventure based around my High School graduation in 2002, and what treasures were hidden in my hometown of Eufaula, Oklahoma. Some names have been changed to respect the privacy of some individuals.


3:33 (outline)

This story is about a person who finds that at 3:33 in the morning, their dreams come to life, but only for one terrifying or exciting minute.


Potato (outline)

England sends over Sherlock Holmes's father to determine why the potato plants are dying out in Ireland. He finds out that Jack the Ripper's father, whom is native to Ireland, is behind the potato famine by spreading an organism called, Phytophthora to kill the plants.


The Book of Jess (outline)

This is based in the future, about a person who is doing things to help or possibly even harm human kind to create different futures from their own perspective.


The Realtor (14kW)

This story is about a man who finds a portal to a parallel universe, and creates his own empire with it. The mystery is wondering why the alternate world is empty of all living things.


Freddy Orange Kitten (Completed)ISBN-13: 978-1480180130

A children's book about a cat named Freddy. Illustrations by Nick Farrow, story by Erin Farrow.


The Boss by Erin Farrow (outline)

A book illustrated by Nick Farrow.


Hall of the Mountain King (outline)

The Hall of the Mountain King is a Christmas story about a father (or mother) who falls off of a ladder as they are decorating for Christmas. They wanted everything perfect for their children, but when they fall and awake, they find themselves at the bottom of curious road that leads to the 'World tree,' which is coincidentally a Balsam Fir, or a Christmas tree.


Towers of Eden (11kW)

Is a story with a twist on the story of 'Adam and Eve.' It is set in a world with a major university called 'Eden.' The towers of Eden is located in the Kingdom of Kush. All parents want to send their teenagers to the school since every person who was graduated has been of notary and prosperous in society. Those who have graduated from the school are generally world leaders, peace keepers and rich individuals who thrive and are looked up to in life. Any real corporation has an Eden graduate as their CEO or leader. The only way to get into the Towers is to win the lottery. The lottery is a world lottery for every able teen of a certain age to place their name in the pot. This keeps corruption from forming and keeps all of humanity at an equality for success; the poor and wealthy all have the opportunity to send their children to this school if they are chosen. Little did the new students know, winning is the first part of this trial of life.


Clone Machine or Floater

This is a story about a man who is on a spacecraft, who uses a cloning machine to keep himself company. A great malfunction happens, and his food supply is completely cut off. The only means of survival is to clone himself and to resort to self cannibalism to stay alive while he waits for the rescue ship to hopefully come save him.


B&C Extraordinaire

Two time travelers who are lovers are forced to deal with what they did in the timeline. The story is set in 1928 and the prohibition in 1933 and 1934. Two lovers who are time travelers are forced to face the repercussions of their actions while time traveling to the late 1920s during the prohibition.


Oracle II

What if your dreams are connected to other worlds and other places in another reality? What if someone can determine your fate to get to these other planets? This is the story behind Oracle II.


Alexander Graham Bell's True Legacy

This is a story based on the theory that Bell's next step was to understand the human defects to understand why certain functions of the ear are not transmitting to the brain. In this day and age, humanity only slightly understands the nerve damage.



From now to then, there are people set in this world to not do good, but complete evil. Even if you think you are doing well, you might be doing the worst possibly thing ever imagined. Everybody is affected by another's actions. What is good for mankind? Or, w hat is the worst for mankind. This is a story of how mankind imagines a greater good to create a greater evil.


Life Lines

This is about a man who is surviving a long term power outage for the whole state of Oklahoma. The outage so far has lasted eight months. He finds enemies and friends he didn't already have, but many come accustomed to life without electricity and the luxuries of electronics we became so accustomed too. Does he plunder, scavenge or harm the weak? Does law still matter or even does his humanity stay intact? Oklahoma is brought back to the old west in a modern world and how much the roads will play a part in his survival


Living with Tsar

In this world, every city has a nuclear bomb. There is always peace since every country can vote to have another country destroyed beyond repair, completely wiping it off the earth. The citizens of the world call it, "Law above all others," or "Tsar." After the worlds largest bomb takes out the Russians, the world is completely in fear and respect for one another, as it's a staring match to watch a slip up to obliterate another city or nation.